BDG CHASSIS: "I am actually a sponsored precision shooter. I am a huge fan of your product. I know it will be the next big thing."
B. Lawson, Waterview, VA

I've been in law enforcement for almost 21 years and an armorer and handgun instructor for most of those years... I just installed my new parts at the kitchen table and the results were just as you said they would be. On removal of the stock hammer it was instantly apparent the the engagement surface of the hammer, where in contacts the trigger bar for the double action movement, was out of spec. I mean ridiculously out of spec! I have done an absurd amount of dry fire with this gun in double action and the wear was very noticeable on the hammer. With the new parts the double action is among the best I've pulled on a combat gun. There are NO rough hiccups in the draw of the hammer and the timing of the release is as it was meant to be. I never realized what the cause of the rough triggers on the newer guns was until now. I am disappointed in the industry in general compared to the craftsmanship of just a few years ago. The Sig is a phenomenal pistol out of the box without a doubt but this upgrade has connected the pistol with its roots. As I said I am a mechanic not a smith so this was truly an adventure for me! I can pick up your parts in the dark and feel pretty confident I could tell them apart by feel. The single action is excellent as well for a combat pistol. But the double action is INCREDIBLE. I plan for this to be my hard use gun in the Sig family and am excited to use it. I had no light hits with notoriously hard primer ammunition. I wish I had gotten the competition parts also......but I don't want to be spoiled! Thank you for your time in explaining the critical engagements the your parts enhanced. But seeing is believing!
F. Hines, Linden, AL