Best Damn Gun, LLC
"The Best Damn Gun Parts Drop-In"

Best Damn Gun, LLC was started to fill a need in the firearms industry. Demand for precision machined/Wire EDM'd aftermarket parts continues to grow. We began manufacturing top of the line, replacement handgun parts in 2007. As demand grew and so did the request for new parts that required R&D and testing, thus we acquired our FFL and started Best Damn Gun, LLC in 2011.

Our expertise in the field of Wire EDM machining is what truly sets us apart from other manufacturers. Each part we manufacture is designed with systems and periodic checks in place to maintain product consistency. It is this high level of precision and consistency that we've built our reputation on.

Best Damn Gun, LLC
235 S Highland Ave
PO Box 305
Madison, SD 57042

toll free: 888-824-2774

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